Styles of Beyond is an underground rap group from Los Angeles, California, more specifically the San Fernando Valley. The group consists of MCs Ryan Patrick Maginn (Ryu) and Takbir Bashir (Tak), Colton Raisin Fisher (DJ Cheapshot), and producer Jason Rabinowitz (Vin Skully). They have released two LPs and were heavily featured on Mike Shinoda's Fort Minor release, The Rising Tied. They were also signed to Shinoda's Machine Shop Recordings label, although they left the label in late 2008. They are also associated with the Demigodz supergroup which features similar artists such as Apathy, Celph Titled, and 7L & Esoteric.

Grant Mohrman did a remix of the song "Superstars" called "Nine Thou" which was featured in the games Need For Speed: Most Wanted, WWE Day of Reckoning and WWE SmackDown vs. RAW. Styles of Beyond collaborated with Celldweller for a track entitled "Shapeshifter" which appeared on the soundtrack for the movie Redline and the game Need for Speed: Most Wanted. They are also working on the first Demigodz album, Demigodzilla.

Styles of Beyond have also collaborated with SpyTech artists: Lexicon, Sandman, 4-Zone, and Divine Styler. They have also collaborated with: Awol One, The Crystal Method, and Linkin Park.

They have finished their third studio album, Reseda Beach. The album's producers include DJ Cheapshot, Vin Skully, Rick Rock, J Dilla, Apathy, Divine Styler, Celph Titled, Scoop Deville, Tak's Brother Bilal Bashir, Mike Shinoda & RZA. It will feature rappers RZA, Mike Shinoda, Apathy, Celph Titled & Sixx John. It is executive produced by Mike Shinoda, and set to be released in 2009.

Styles of Beyond has also made a mixtape titled "Razor Tag", presented and mixed by DJ Green Lantern, which was released on July 31 2007.

DJ Cheapshot also recently opened his own bar called Cheapshot's, which is located in Long Beach, California.

Their song "Second to None", which features Mike Shinoda, appears on the soundtrack to the 2007 Transformers film, and was also featured in a 30 second promo for FOX's season premieres for Prison Break and K-Ville as well as the trailer for the 2008 film You Don't Mess with the Zohan.

Styles of Beyond were on the Revolution Stage at the 2007 Projekt Revolution tour. On a tour date in Mansfield, Massachusetts however, during the Projekt Revolution tour, they were not present.

On December 17, 2007, it was revealed that Cheapshot and Vin had been chosen and hired to complete the entire score for the upcoming A&E original series L.A. Gang Unit, which was slated for an April 2008 release, but has yet to have been released.

S.O.B. also made an appearance in the music video for the track We Made It by Busta Rhymes and Linkin Park.

As of September 25, 2008, S.O.B have been released from their contract with Warner Bros./Machine Shop, with full ownership of their Reseda Beach record, which they plan to release under a different label.