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The videography for Linkin Park.

DVD and video releasesEdit

Linkin Park has collected some of their live performances and music videos in DVD and video collections.

Music Videos Edit

Linkin Park has developed an extensive music video catalogue. Band member Joe Hahn has directed the majority of them.

The majority of Linkin Park's music videos are extremely cinematic, taking advantage of computer animation, cinematography, and special effects. Some of the videos involve plot lines portrayed by hired actors in addition to vignettes of the band's performance. The music video for Breaking the Habit, well-recognized for its use of anime, won the Viewer's Choice Award at the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards.

Many of the music videos for the remix album Reanimation are rare, as they were never released to television stations and were only available on the internet and to membership-based fan clubs. The completely CGI music video for Pts.Of.Athrty was, however, officially released to music television stations.The video for Frgt/10 was featured on Yahoo Music until the removal of all Linkin Park music videos sometime in 2005.

Despite being around for some time, a good amount of Linkin Park's videos remain popular towards this day. On YouTube, the video for Breaking the Habit has more than 2,000,000 views, the video for Papercut has over 3,000,000 views, the ones for Bleed It Out and Somewhere I Belong have over 5,000,000, the video for Numb have racked over 5,000,000 views, the video for Faint has over 7,000,000 views, the video for In The End has nearly 9,000,000 views , and the video for What I've Done has racked over 25,000,000 and other uploads taking in over 500,000 views each. Linkin Park music is often used for AMVs (Anime Music Videos), with over 50,000 Linkin Park AMVs on YouTube.

List of Linkin Park official music videos Edit

From Hybrid Theory Edit

  • "One Step Closer" (2000)
  • "Crawling" (2001)
  • "Papercut" (2001)
  • "In The End" (2001)
  • "Points Of Authority"(2001)

From Reanimation Edit

  • "Pts.OF.Athrty" (2002)
  • "Frgt/10" (2002)
  • "Kyur4 Th Ich" (2002)

From Meteora Edit

  • "Somewhere I Belong" (2003)
  • "Faint" (2003)
  • "Numb" (2003)
  • "From The Inside" (2004)
  • "Breaking The Habit" (2004)

From Collision Course Edit

  • "Numb/Encore" (2004)

From Minutes to Midnight Edit

  • "What I've Done" (April 2nd, 2007)
  • "What I've Done - Australian Version" (2007)
  • "Bleed It Out" (August 20th, 2007)
  • "Shadow Of The Day" (October 8th, 2007)
  • "Given Up" (March 3rd, 2008)
  • "Leave Out All the Rest" (June 2nd, 2008)

From Videos by Other Artists Edit

  • It's Goin' Down (featuring Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn, Guest Appearance by Rob Bourdon and Phoenix) - The X-Ecutioners
  • The Way You Like It (Guest Appearance By Chester Bennington and Mr. Hahn) - Adema
  • Home Sweet Home (featuring Chester Bennington) - Mötley Crüe
  • The Festival Song (featuring Chester Bennington) - Good Charlotte
  • Endure (featuring Chester Bennington) - Nonpoint
  • Same Direction (featuring Chester Bennington) - Hoobastank
  • The Winter (featuring Mike Shinoda) - Apathy