Hybrid theory demo sm-1-

2 track promo cover (and sticker)

The Hybrid Theory CD was created in 1999 by Linkin Park when they were called Hybrid Theory. The front cover of the album is a sticker that shows the old Hybrid Theory design in white inn a black circle with a red backround. The CD design is a cartoon picture of a male (Mike Shinoda?) drawn in red. On the back it says that it was produced in 1999 and is for promotional use only.


1. Esaul (A Place for My Head demo)

2. Super Xero (By Myself demo)

Cost And Where To Find ItEdit

This CD cannot be found in a store and can only be found on eBay or through others who do have it. The CD and sticker together go from US$450-550. A Disc recently was sold for $300.