Released on July 27, 2004, Linkin Park's "Breaking the Habit" DVD comes standard with a TOKYOPOP Cine-Manga book, depicting the events of the band's music video for "Breaking the Habit". The book also contains original storyboards and mini-biographies about each band member. It also features a scan of Mike Shinoda's original hand-written lyrics, as well as various facts about the band.

Band line-upEdit

Chapter listingEdit

  1. Breaking the Habit (Video Version)
  2. Making of Breaking the Habit
  3. Breaking the Habit (5.28.04 – 3:37 P.M.)

Writing creditsEdit

  • Lyrics written by Mike Shinoda
  • Music written by Linkin Park


Chapter oneEdit

  • Director: Mr. Hahn
  • Producer: Matt Caltabiano
  • Executive producer: Janet Haase
  • Production company: Villains
  • Head of production: Joby Barnhart
  • Director of photography: Jim Hawkinson
  • Editor: Mario Mares
  • Telecine: Dave Hussey
  • Animation: Nakazawa/GDH

Chapter twoEdit

  • Director: Mark Fiore
  • Producer: Matt Caltabiano
  • Editor: Mario Mares
  • Associate producer: Misty Martin
  • Online artist: Michael Forrest
  • Assistant editor: Carlos Diaz
  • Mixer: Jim Corbett
  • Interviewed and filmed by: Mark Fiore
  • Additional footage: Jeremy Kline

Chapter threeEdit

  • Director: Kimo Proudfoot
  • Producer: Jasper Thomlinson
  • Director of photography: Richard Henkels
  • Editor: Mario Mares
  • Executive producer: Janet Haase
  • Head of production: Joby Barnhart
  • Production coordinates: Eri "Noggie" Noguchi and Adam Baxter
  • Production company: Villains
  • Colorist: Dave Hussey
  • Camera operators: Mike "Mike Mike" Norman, Roy Muir and Mark Fiore

Cine-manga bookEdit

  • Contributing editor: Amy Court Kaemon
  • Graphic designer and lettering: Jennifer Nunn-Iwai
  • Cover layout: Patrick Hook
  • Graphic artist: Jennifer Nunn-Iwai
  • Editor: Jod Kaftan
  • Digital imaging editor: Chris Buford
  • Pre-press manager: Antonio DePietro
  • Production managers: Jennifer Miller and Mutsumi Miyazaki
  • Art director: Matt Alford
  • Managing editor: Jill Freshney
  • Vice president of production: Ron Klamert
  • President and chief operating officer: John Parker
  • Publisher and chief executive officer: Stuart Levy
  • Published by: TOKYOPOP