Misterpunk Misterpunk 6 August 2015

We Love Linkin Park

Ok, Linkin Park has GOT to be one of the best bands.  Chester's scream and Mike's rap is so unique, and i love that.  I am a HUGE fan of Linkin Park, i bet you guys are too.  Their awesome alt rock and rap rock is too good. And they are awesome. And cool. And awesome. Misterpunk (talk) 04:59, August 6, 2015 (UTC)

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Crandloveslinkinpark Crandloveslinkinpark 5 March 2014

tickets for statefair show minnesota

i am a fanclub member and am trying to buy presale tickets for the aug show a the state fair in minneosta.  cannot find password or link to do so.  Need guidance please this is my favorite band in the world!!!

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