This is a list of all of the B-sides that Linkin Park produced. Most can be found on the LPU ablums.


  • "QWERTY"-LPU 6.0, Songs From The Underground
  • "No Roads Left (But One)"- Minutes To Midnight Tour Edition
  • "What I've Done (Distored Remix)"-Minutes To Midnight Tour Edition
  • "Given Up (Third Encore Session)"- Minutest To Midnight Tour Edition
  • "Sold My Soul To Yo Mama"- LPU 4.0, Songs From The Underground
  • "A.06"-LPU 2.0
  • "Dedicated (Demo)"-LPU 2.0 (was recored for Hybrid Theory EP but did not make it)
  • "My December"-LPU 2.0, Hybrid Theory (Bonus Edition)
  • "Pts.OF.Athrty (Crystal Method Remix)"- LPU 2.0
  • "Standing in The Middle"- LPU 4.0
  • "Public Service Announcement - Intro" LPU 5.0
  • "Announcement Service Public"- LPU 6.0
  • "26 Lettaz In Da Alphabet"- MMM... Cookies (LPU 8.0)
  • "PB N' Jellyfish"- MMM... Cookies (LPU 8.0)
  • "Da Bloos"- MMM... Cookies (LPU 8.0)
  • "No Laundry"- MMM... Cookies (LPU 8.0)
  • "Bubbles"- MMM... Cookies (LPU 8.0)
  • "You Ain't Gotsta Gotsta"- MMM... Cookies (LPU 8.0)